Library director's Message – Mrs. Shlomit Perry

Dear Students, Professors, and Friends,


​The Library of Social Sciences, Management and Education is the "home" library for the Faculties of Social Sciences and Management and the School of Education.


The activities and services of our library are based on the perception of "library as place". We operate as a library which attracts a wide variety of users, and we strive to be an attractive, relevant, and up-to-date library in our services and content, to be a completely digitized information and learning center, as well as a social and cultural center. We endeavor to create a "different library experience", to create a pleasant learning environment which invites you to come and spend time in the library, to create a place for interacting socially as well as educationally.


We strive to be a leading library in our collections and services in our fields of research: social sciences, management and education.


We believe in the accessibility of information and we are striving to acquire the digital versions of information resources and to make them accessible in the easiest possible way.


The Library's principal obligation is to provide you with the information resources which you need for your studies and research. Please do not hesitate to approach us if you know of a book or journal which is not part of our collections. We see you as active partners in the expansion and development of the library's collections and will be pleased to receive your recommendations. The partnership with you is a leading component of the library's activities and we view you as a full partner in all our activities.


Quality professional personal service is the basis of our existence. We believe in and operate to give quality service and welcome everywhere in the library and we strive nonstop to improve our service and we invest much effort in this direction.


The library staff is constantly working to develop new services for our users, and understanding your needs as customers is very important to us, both as a continuation of improving our service and as an answer to your needs.


We offer a variety of alternative study areas in a modern and attractive environment:

  • Group study rooms of various sizes which can be reserved through our automatic reservation system
  • An open group study area
  • Closed areas for quiet individual study
  • A spacious lounge ("beanbag room") for resting and relaxation


We are committed to answering the needs of readers who wish to study in groups as well as those who like to study by themselves quietly. In order to create this balance, on each of the three floors of the library, areas have been designated where one may study in groups and areas for personal quiet study.


Areas for eating and drinking have been defined on each one of the floors of the library and there is a café at the entrance to the library.


The Library staff is here to assist you and would like to receive from you additional suggestions and ideas for improving our services.


We are accessible by telephone, email, chat and Facebook.


Please feel free to turn to us on any subject. My door is open to you at all time and I look forward to seeing you in the library.


Looking for to seeing you,

Shlomit Perry

 Director of the Library of Social Sciences, Management and Education


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