Guidelines for bibliographic citations

Bibliographic citation styles are the rules for documenting and referencing various data sources used in academic work. Quoting data sources in the body of the work is important because it gives credit to the author of the publication, and allows the reader to locate the original text. The method of citation should follow one of the accepted styles of citation and should be consistent throughout the paper.


The citation generally includes the following information: name of the author or authors, title of publication (book, journal  title, report title, etc.),  year of publication, place of publication (for a book), pages. If the published material is from a journal, then the volume and issue number are included.


There are several styles of bibliographic citations, and there are differences among the various styles.  Every area of knowledge or academic institution, every journal or publisher uses one of the accepted systems and they all publish the citation guidelines to be used. In terms papers, theses or dissertations submitted to academic institutions or articles submitted for publication, use the system of that institution or publication. Before starting to write, check with your professor as to which method is acceptable to him/her, and accordingly use the rules of citation in a consistent and uniform manner.

It is important to remember that the use of information, ideas, data or other material written by someone else without giving credit when mentioning or quoting the information, may be considered an academic offense (plagiarism). Namely, it is an attempt to present the words of another as your own.

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The citation rules of the American Psychological Association are used by writers and researchers in a wide variety of disciplines today. These rules are used by many departments in Tel-Aviv University, such as social sciences, education, management, nursing and others. The most up to date edition of the APA rules is the 6th edition – Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Online information can be found in APA's website.

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