Remote access to library resources

The library's electronic resources – databases, electronic books and journals, and reprints – are accessible only to the TAU community and are not accessible to the wider community.

Remote access to library resources
For technical assistance

Contact the computer helpdesk:


 Telephone : 03-6408888


For assistance in the use of specific electronic resources or to report on difficulties accessing them, contact the library staff:


 Telephone: 03-6409537, 03-6407984

​ Email:

User Guide

For access outside the university campus (from home, from overseas), it is necessary to:

  1. Have a connection to the Internet  
  2. Have a user name and password 
  3. Define the appropriate proxy for your browser 

When you are outside the university network, you must define in your browser the university proxy after you identify yourself will allow you access to all the electronic resources.

Identification must be done with the help of : " AD/username".

For information on username see: computer account  


1. Internet connection

Undergraduate students can connect to the library's resources on condition that they have an internet connection with a commercial provider.

Graduate students and faculty members can choose to connect either through a commercial provider or through the university (dial in) (for a fee) 


2. User name and password

  • The user name and password which is used to receive electronic mail ( is also used to access the library's electronic resources.


  • Alerts to change the password will be sent automatically once every few months to your POST account. Please follow the instructions and change your password  as instructed in order to receive continued access.


  • For those who do not use university e-mail (POST), is it recommended to forward mail  in order to receive theses notices about changing username.



Users who already have a username and password – go to directions for PROXY definitions.



Instructions for users who do not have a POST:


For students (all degrees):

A username is automatically open by the computer division for every student who has paid tuition.

In order to use it, you must initialize (confirm) it  and operate according to the instructions.

You must enter in the confirmation form you complete id number and the 4-digit personal code which appears on the acceptance letter from the university and the tuition payment booklet.

To reconstruct and code or username, contact the computer helpdesk.


Staff members (Faculty or Administrative)

To receive a username and password, contact the computer coordinators or contact the computer helpdesk.


3.  Defining Proxy according to browser

» Directions for defining PROXY - For PC users:


For your convenience, Remote Access to the library tutorials »


» Directions for defining PROXY in MAC 


» Access to the Library's digital resources via Reverse Proxy 


Now that you are connected to the internet, your code and username are confirmed, and your proxy is defined , you can reach all the electronic resources of the library – databases, electronic books and journals via the library's home page.

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