Library Liaisons

Librarians from various sections of the library serve as liaisons (responsible for a specific area) to the teaching staff regarding all aspects of collection development and study needs. The job of the liaison has three principal aspects: contact with the various departments, checking reading lists, and collection development.

  • Reading list liaisons
  • Liaisons – Collection Development
  • Liaisons for International Programs

Before the start of the new academic year or new semester, the reading list liaisons receive the syllabi (reading lists) of the various courses. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the materials that appear in the reading list are available in the library. This is done in coordination with the lecturer and in line with the library's policies and the budget.

The liaison orders new books and other materials for courses. She of course transfers books to the Reserve book collection.


Social Sciences | Management | School of Education | School of Social Work


Social Science

Department Liaison Telephone e-mail
Communications Tal Funtowicz 6405511
Conflict Resolution Hemda Levy 6405508
Diplomacy & Security Studies Daniela Machtinger 6405502
Economics Hana Ilan 6405513
Labor Studies Maya Shulga 6407066
Political Science Tal Granot     A-N 6405508

Daniela Machtinger


Psychology Naomi Galor 6405506
Public Policy Aya Steinig-Messika 6405503
Sociology & Anthropology Aya Steinig-Messika 6405503




Department Liaison Telephone e-mail
Accounting Michal Krispin 6405510
Finance Hana Ilan 6405513
Health Administration Ori Freiman 6405512
Information Systems & Management Technology Ori Freiman 6405512
Management (B.A.) Hana Ilan 6405513
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Hana Ilan 6405513
Hagar Shmueli 6405514
Organizational Behavior Ori Freiman 6405512


School of Education

Department Liaison Telephone e-mail
Education Shlomit Golan 6405501


School of Social Work

Department Liaison Telephone e-mail
Social Work Ester Roth  6409183


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