Locker Rental

Locker Rental

Is it realistic to drag/carry heavy books all day?

Your papers will get lost

Where will you keep all the equipment which you bring with you to the university?

There is an answer to all these questions….


The library has 2 kinds of lockers where you can store your belongings.


  • Lockers daily use (free). The locker must be emptied before the library closes. Users who leave belongings in the locker after the library closes, will be fined 25 shekels.


  • Personal locker for rent.



For a week 15 shekels
For a month 40 shekels
For a semester 140 shekels
For a year 250 shekels
Loss of a locker key 17 shekels



For additional information, go to Anat or Adi in the library secretary's office, room 306, Sunday –Thursday, 8:30-16:00

 Telephone:  03-6409528

​ Email:


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