Photocopying, Printing, and Binding Center (Copy Center)

The center for photocopying, printing, and binding is located on the ground floor of the library in room 101.

The center supplies photocopying services in color and black and white, spiral binding, and lamination. There is a possibility of self-service photocopying.


Service  Price per page
Color photocopy A3 3.20 shekels per page
Color photocopy A4 1.60 shekels per page
Self-service photocopying 0.15 agorot 
Plastic spiral binding up to 50 pages 6.00 shekels per page
Plastic spiral binding up to 100 pages 9.00 shekels per page
Plastic spiral binding up to 200 pages 14.00 shekels per page
Lamination A3 9.00 shekels per page
Lamination A4 5.00 shekels

 Hours of operation:

Sunday – Thursday:

  • 09:45 -11:45
  • 13:15 -15:15


  • 10:00 – 12:30


 Telephone: 03-5097457

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