Extension of loan period

The library has an automatic renewal service which renews the loan of a book up to a maximum period of one year.  This automatic renewal is intended to make it easy for the reader to extend the loan period of materials in his possession, but he/she has the responsibility for checking the due date and to return materials on time.


Books will not be renewed in the following cases:

  • The book has been requested  by another reader
  • The maximum period of  12 months loan extension has expired (the maximum loan period has been reached).
  • The reader's card has expired or is about to expire
  • The item is not included in the automatic renewl service


Notices about book loans which have not been extended will be sent by electronic mail only!


The address to which the notices will be sent is the email address given to every student of the university Webmail.


Those who prefer to use an outside email, can do so by using Forward from their University email to their private email.


Changing your email address is possible only after confirmation of password on the university site.


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