How to subscribe

At the circulation desk, on the entrance floor of the library you can purchase:

1. Borrowing subscription which enables borrowing from the library where the subscriber purchased the subscription. A subscription to our library gives you a 50% discount when purchasing a subscription in another campus library (except the Law Library). This subscription allows you to receive:

  • You may borrow 10 books from the general collection
  • You may use the services of the of the Interlibrary Loan sevice according to student fees
  • you may benefit from a librarian-mediated search according to student fees


2. Subscriptions for institutions and organizations – these subscriptions are purchased at the secretary's office, Room 306, Telephone: 03-6409528.


The subscription does not enable remote access to the library's resources.

The subscription is personal and nontransferable.

It is possible to purchase a subscription for a month, 3 months, half a year or a year.


In order to see the subscription fees, go to Eligibility and borrowing privileges 


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